Title Look How Good You Are
Author Jacob Clifton
Tags pop culture, gossip girl, microsociology, television
Release Spring '24

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If Jenny came there looking to use B for a tool, then that means she’s in the game. And if she’s in the game, then that means she is a tool in turn. If Blair’s going to start a War, she needs soldiers, and here is one offering itself on a platter, with no allegiances and a hunger so deep she’d give herself up to Bass again.

It’s not about popularity, it’s about whatever’s beyond popularity. Royalty. Jenny is maybe too young to understand the terms, but hungry enough to make a deal.

I stumped for this assignment hardcore all summer because I love this, I love it when you talk in war metaphors with teenage girls, because... teenage girls invented war. My friend Karen has a t-shirt that says “I Survived Eighth Grade.”